Thursday, June 26, 2008

Goodbye My Love!

She has been accompanying me about 8 years. Wherever I go, she will always follow. She sheltered me from hot sun and cool rain. She also played the role of protecting me from the risk of knocking down by the vehicles all around me.

Sometimes, she will be very “childish” and wanted to play a role play game with me. I will be the father and she is the daughter. At that time, she will just try to avoid herself from going out with me. So, I have to “persuade” her, feed her a "meal" and "drink", then only she will agree to go out with me.

Every month or once in two months, I will have to go “shopping” with her. If her mood is good, than I just need to spend bout Rm150.00 to make her inner body clean and energetic. But once in a while, she will force me to buy her some expensive accessories to make her look nicer, prettier and powerful.

Who is she?

She is my lovely WIFE.

On 24 Jun 2008, I have to say good bye to her. I betrayed her and passed her to other person... ...

Feel so hard to leave her as she had already “staying” together with me for such a long time… ….

But, human is always like that, when we have a new thing, we will always tent to forget the old thing.

That’s call human… …

Just hope that she will be happier & better later, IF... she has a chance to follow a new owner.

Take good care. I will be missing you and I am always praying for you... ...



White Crystal said...

when you have your new wife, you will forget the old one. Trust me! Human are like that. But anyway, congrat on your "new coming wife" :D

Richy said...

Yes, i will "wash" my "new coming wife" with you later ya! ha!