Thursday, June 12, 2008

12 Jun 08-A Day To Remember... ...

Today is 12.06.2008-This is a special day as i finally have my own blog! Hooray!!

After viewing my latin instructor's blog for few time, ( I really impressed by it and started to think that why don't I start my own blog? And finally, today... ...

Anyhow, I am still new in blogging and still in the stage of learning. If anyone who like to share the experience in blogging,or would like to teach me to make my blog more "lively" please

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Hmm.... tha's it for now. I promise myself to try my best to update my blog as frequent as I can. And, before ending, just to say:

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White Crystal said...

Good job, my dear!. Add me in MSN, it's easy to chat with you and show u how to do

Richy said...

Thank you teacher......