Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Coffee & I

I like coffee.
My day is incomplete if not having at least a cup of it.

Recently, one of my colleague has "sponsored" (actually forced by us) a ELBx brand coffee maker to us and it looks like this.

Guess how much does it cost?

As soon as I have it, I went to starbucks to buy this.

Frech Toast Extra Bold Whole Bean Coffee

Since then, I am having at least 3 cups of this per day.(Sometime even more than this)

How do I live without you???

My friends keep scolding me as taking too much of caffeine, but, I don't mind as to coffee,

P/S : 1) Am waiting for coffee lover to share their experience in everything about coffee!
2) Next time if you want to buy me a present, you should know what to buy ya! :)


White Crystal said...

Then I think i should get for you a pure Vietnamese coffee to try :D

Richy said...

Yes, vietnamese coffee is one of my favourite coffee too. I had it at a Vietnam restaurant located at Kepong before. It's really nice and I really love it. Will never miss the Vietnamese coffee whenever I go there.