Friday, July 11, 2008

Go Down, Go Strait or Turn Right?

Lately I was so busy in "visiting" the goverment departments like imigration, fomema... ... as the work permit of my foreign workers are going to expire soon so I need to do the neccessary before renewal of their permit.
When come to the turn of "visiting" to Shah Alam Fomema office, I was not so sure where is the office located at as this was my first visit there, therefore, I was depending on the road sign to lead me there.
I was just following the road sign and suddenly the last road sign I saw shown like this:-
Huh? What does it means? I was so confuse. According to the road sign, I need to "walk down", so, should I go down one floor or what?
After thinking for few second only I realised that actually the road sign ask me to turn to my right... ...

Turn to your right!!

What a good road indicator ya?

Goosh, MALAY...sia boleh lar!!


White Crystal said...

Hahahah, so funny...So did u manage to find the place by the end?

Richy said...

Yes. At the end still managed to get there.