Wednesday, September 30, 2009

20090921-5D4N Macau,HK,Shenzhen Part 3

Good morning Hong Kong.
Today, we were brought to enjoy the famous Hong Kong Dim Sum at a local restaurant.
Chee Cheung Fun
Char Siew Pau
Har Kau, Siew Mai
Fried Carrot Cake
For me, I think that the dim sum there is so so only, not that tasty! :(
Road sign at Hong Kong.
As soon as we finished our breakfast, we were brough to visit a jewel factory & a local fruits shop. After that, we were toward Disneyland.
We passed by 青马大桥 (One of a famous bridge at Hong Kong). After 30 minutes, we finally reached Hong Kong Disneyland at 11.15am.

Hong Kong Disneyland is just nice to visit by spending only one day as the park is not that big. Overall, it can be divided into 4 main lands.
Land 1 : Main Street USA - When you are there, you just feel like you are walking at U.S.A. There are a lot of shops which is selling souvenir & photo.
Land 2 - FANTASY LAND - You can have a lot of rides here like Dumbo, The Flying Elephant, watch 4D Show, Cinderella Carousel, It's The Small World.... .... etc
The Sleeping Beauty castle
U can have a ride with DUMBO!
Derek met "The Pumkin Man" there and he was so excited!
Cinderella Carousel
And you will meet few famous Disney's friends here too.

Mad Hatter Tea Cup
Meet the Princess here too. Can you tell the name of these two princess?
We were singing a folk song here - "It's a Small World"
Land 3 : Tomorrowland - Here, you can meet the cute Stitch, Toy story's Buzz, "Drive" a cart at Autopia, fly at Orbiton & have a roller coaster ride at Space Mountain. Unvortunately I was quite tire when I reached this land, so I didn't snap much photo here and this is the only photo that i snapped at this land.
Land 4 : ADVENTURELAND - Here, you can meet Tarzan and his tree house, hop on the boat to enjoy the Jungle River Cruise, watch the Festival of The Lion King Show... ...
Tarzan Tree House
At Hong Kong Disneyland, you can enjoy the "Road Show" everyday at 3.30pm.
3.50pm, the weather was damn hot, but everybody was still waiting patiently... ...
3.30pm - Show time!

As October is Halloween for U.S.A, therefore, Hong Kong disneyland has another "Road Show" at 7.00pm to celebrate Halloween. All the audience was invited to join their road show too.
7.00pm - Wa ha.. ha..ha... Happy Halloween everybody!

After the Halloween Road show, we were entertained with a fantastic firework show at 8.00pm. Too bad, my camera just couldn't capture any picture of this firework show. :(
We left Disneyland at 8.30pm and reached hotel at 9.30pm.
Another tiring day!
This is the hotel's room. It was just so small and can you see the design of the bathroom? It was built by using a glass instead of brick. If you are to take your shower, you can only cover with a curtain. So "open" right???

I slept as soon as finished taking shower.
Tomorrow I am going to leave Hong Kong and take a train to Shenzhen, China.
Good Night & so long Hong Kong!


Kristopher said...


Can i know which hotel you stay at Hongkong? thanks alot

Richy said...

Hi Kris, i stayed at Regal Riverside Hotel when i was at Hong Kong.

Kristopher said...