Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2009.09.22-Macau,Hong Kong, Shenzhen Part 4

This morning, we were brought to enjoy the dim sum at another local restaurant for breakfast again.

Man tou

After the breakfast, we took a train from Hong Kong toward Shenzhen.
We had our lunch as soon as we reached Shenzhen. Too bad, I was too hungry and kept eating and forgot to snap some photo of the food. :(
After lunch, we visited to The Window of The World at Shenzhen.
The slogan they use here is : 给我一天,还你整个世界!(Spare me One day, I will pay you back with the whole world!)
So, are you ready to travel around the world in one day??
You can see a lot of world's famous building & landmark here. Now, it's the time to test your knowledge about the famous building of the world. Can you tell the name of all this landmark around the world??

This is the first time I ride on a camel! :)

A snapped with tour leader at Nxxxxxx Fall (for you to fill the xxx :D)

Suddenly felt so romantic when reached here... ... :)
You can feed the fishes here too
Dinasour is here!
After 911, the two buildings at U.S already being destroyed, but here, you still can see that two building. Do you know which building that I am referring to?


Derek was learning archery here too!
Do you know how London Bridge fall down??? Let's see the demonstration! :D

Spiderman at England!
The park is really big, but, I got the "whole world" after that. I think it's worth!

We were brought to visit Small China & Cultural Village after this.
Here, you can see all the famous landmark at China which is being shrinked to mini size, such as Forbidden City, Great wall, Xi Hu, Huang Shan, Ta li etc.
At the Cultural Village, you can see the houses of some race from China.
This is "Yellow Mountain", Huang Shang.
This is Hanzhou, Xi Hu.
White Pagoda at Beijing.
The Forbidden City at Beijing

We were entertained with 2 shows there too. As we were not allowed to snap any photo, so no photo to share here.
We had our dinner after that. We tasted the famous Shenzhen Grill Goose & Grill Pigeon (烧鹅、乳鸽) there.
Grill goose.
Grill Pigeon.
After that, we proceed to a shopping area at Shenzhen, 东洋步行街.
A lot of cheap stuffs like shoe, shirt, watches sell here.

After the shopping, it's the end of today's itenary. We back to hotel for resting after that. Tomorrow is free and easy day. So, I no need to wake up too early tomorrow.
Good night, Shenzhen!

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