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2009.10.19-22-4D3N-Phuket,Phi Phi,Phang Nga-Day 1 : Phuket

19.10.2009-Day 1-Phuket City Tour

We reached Phuket at 8.15am,Thailand time(Malaysia time is 9.15am)
As soon as we met the tour guard, Mr Prasit, our Phuket city tour started immediately.

Our first stop were at T-Shirt factory.

Here, i bought my swimming suite. Wanna see my swimming suite?? Please stay tune for the next post . :D
After visitied to T-Shirt factory, we went to a shop that sell local food.

Ini bagus!

Do you know among us, who is the "Champion"/"King" of shopping at this shop??? Look at the picture below.

Look at the building along the road, don't you feel that we are now at Malacca??According to Chinese Calendar, Lunar Month 0f September is one of the God of Buddha - "Jiu Wang Ye"'s (九王爷) birthday. Phuket's Buddist is very concern about this festival. They will be in vagetarian for nine days just to celebrate this festival.
And, we vistited to the biggest Jiu Weng Ye temple at Phuket.
According to Mr prasit, those who wear white shirt and white pants means he/she is in vagetarian within this period.

We prayed there too.

After pryaing, we headed to McDonald to try the McD Pork Burger. (Very sorry to our tour guard who has to accompany us while we were eating the burger but he was in vagetarian at that time!)
We were brought to Honey Factory after that.

Then we visitied to Chasher Nut factory.

This is how the chaser nut looks like.
The biscuits that made from chaser nut.
We tried the ice chaser nut drinks too! (Chaser nut juice mix with soda water) It taste really great!
After that, we visited to wat Chulong.

A place that used to put 舍利子 (Don't know what to call in English)

Wall paint insde the temple.
After visitng the temple, it was already 2.00pm. We headed to a local restaurant to had our first Thai food.
The restaurant is located just beside the seaside. The view was so fantastic!

Before eating, of course it's photo time!
A shoot with my aunty.

See what we ordered.
Song Tam - Green papaya salad
The must try at Thailand - Tom Yang Kong
Mince Pork Omelete
Pork cook with curry paste.
Siput - a very special food
Green curry portk. (Now only i realise that we ordered too much pork! :D)
After lunch, we went to a hill that I forgot what's the name of this hill. :(

Can you see the wind mill?
After the visit to the hill, it's the end of Phuket city tour.We were brought to hotel, Patong Lodge hotel after that.
I can see the swimming pool from my hotel room.

We rest about 2 hours. After that, we wend to have our dinner by using a Tuk Tuk.

Patong city night view from Tuk Tuk.
Our dinner, Tom Yam Kong, again:D

The swimming pool at the restaurant where we ate our dinner
After dinner, we wandered around bar street at Patong.
We was surprised by this soap carving stall.
We went back to hotel after wandered around bar street for about 2 hours.
Good night Phuket. Am going to Phi Phi Island tomorrow. Better sleep early tonight.

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