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2009.10.19-22-4D3N-Phuket,Phi Phi,Phang Nga-Day 2 : Phi Phi Island

20.10.2009 - Day 2 - PHI PHI ISLAND

We woke up at 7am today and get ourselve prepared at 7.30am as we need to arrive at pier to catch Sea Angle Cruise to Phi Phi Island at 8.30am.

After breakfast, we went to the beach nearby our hotel to snap some photo.
This is the paints that I bought at the T-Shirt Factory yesterday. See how much I love my country? Even a paints also I bought the one with Malaysia's national flower pattern. :D

We reached the pier at 8.30am.
Ticket for Phi Phi Island tour.

The Pier to Phi Phi Island

As soon as we stepped on the boat, of course, it's photo shooting session again.

I am the KING of the world! :D

Hong Kong singer - TWINS! :D

It took 2 hours from the pier to Phi Phi Island. And we started to ENTERTAINED ourselve!

Which leg is mine??? :)

Phi Phi Island has 2 island, Phi Phi Dong (Big Island) & Phi Phi Lay (Small Island).

We were brought to wander around Phi Phi Dong to view the scenary before proceed to Phi Phi Lay for snorkeling.

Phi Phi Dong

Everybody was waiting to jump into the sea!

Da..da... I got my "equipment" already!

Cheers! See my new swimming suites!!

This is the place where Hollywood movie - "The Beach", starring by Leonardo Dicarprio took place for.

Still wandering around... ...
Before jump into the sea, the "preparation" is a must!

P/S : This is not my GF, but my relative! :)

See how nice was she!:D

Thicker sunblock please! :D
A shooting before "jump down"! The picture seems like asking you :" Yo, do I look pretty??" hehe...

And finally, this was the place where everybody "jump down" for snorkeling!

What??? I jump you don't jump???? :D

After two hours snorkeling in the sea, we were brought to the nearest restaruant to enjoy our buffet lunch. Seems like everybody was so hungry!
Hallo, do you want to join me?
After lunch, we walked around the island and visited the souvenir shops there.

Beach at Phi Phi Island.

Another chance for me to show off my new paints! hehe....

Somebody was "flying" there too!

Wow, so high!

And suddenly we were so excited when we found this!

Yummy, the sticky mango rice was really great!

We were sent back to hotel after that.

This was a welcome drink from the hotel, Patong Lodge.

At night, we were brought to enjoy our first Thai Massage at Patong. After that, it's time for us to try the sea food at Phuket. Look at what we ate there.
This was really juicy but i dare not eat! It cost THB15 per piece.
Mussel - THB200 per dish
Of course not to forget again, Som Tang.
BBQ lala - THB200 per dish
We went back to our hotel to take the rest after that.
Tomorrow, we are going to meet "James Bond" at Phang Nga.
Good Night, Patong.

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