Monday, November 9, 2009


2009.10.21-Day 3

Today, we are going to meet "James Bond" at Phang Nga.

After having breakfast, once again, I followed the gang and headed to the beach nearby our hotel to snap some photos.

James Bond and his angles! :D
Tuk Tuk - THB200/trip
This river is the border of Phuket & Phang Nga.
After passing the river, we are now at Phang Nga district.

But before we meet James Bond, we stopped at a temple nearby to visit the monkeys.

We feed the monkey with bananas.
Look at Siow Yin, she was so scared but still wanna feed the monkeys. :)
The "King" And I! "Fresh water" from the montain.

The Leaning Buddha inside the temple.
The view inside the temple

The 3 "HANDSOMES" inside the temple. Wakakaka....

A snapped with our tour guard - Mr Prasad.
Sawadeka - This is our "Gang"!
Before leaving the temple, Ice-Cream time!
After 15 min, this was the jetty to take the long tail boat to James Bond Island.
This was the long tail boat that took us to meet James Bond.
Safety jacket is a must!
Meet the "Purple Fairies" and the "Purple King". Haha...
On the way to James Bond Island
The view along the way... ...

Gonna passed by this "cave"

Can you see the BIRD and the NEST??

Feel free to meet "Doggie Mountain"
Richy is cool! :)
Can you imagine how the water keep splashing on us while we were in the boat by looking at this????
We stopped at this muslim village to had our lunch before continue our journey.

Halal foods at Phang Nga!

This is neither a crab, nor a prawn. I really dont know what is this. But it was so yummy!
After 20 minutes... ...
Activity after lunch... ...

Bang... Bang... Bang...
Take this! :D The brother and the sister.
Hi James Bond, here i come! Look like we are at Guiling!
And... Teng... Teng... Teng... Teng....

This is it - "Mr James Bond"!
Group photo with James Bond
See how strong I was, James Bond was on my palm! :)
Somebody was kicking James Bond... too bad! :D

I was trying to "push" James Bond! :)

See how I love James Bond! :D
The beach nearby
This is "The Couple Wall"!

I was being "hung" at the wall! HELP!
Time to say good bye to James Bond... ...
So long James Bond......
At a shop nearby the jetty, we found this...
Such a special "dessert" while we were under the hot!!
We were back to our hotel to have a short rest and clean up.
We are going to Phuket Fantasea tonight to have our buffet dinner and watch a show there.
Phuket Fantasea at 7.00pm.
The waitress at the buffet restaurant.
I finally found this, fishball noodle sup at this restaurant. This is one of my favourite Thai food. I had 3 bowls of it that night. :)
Part of the dishes served at the restaurant.

This was beef noodle.
This counter served roasted duck
Thai Salad counter.
A shoot after dinner.
Look at the "BIG FISHES" at the lake near the restaurant.
This's the restaruant where we had our buffet dinner.
You can have a elephant ride there.
We were visiting the "White World" inside Phuket Fantasea too.
Here, all you can see are WHITE. White Parrot.
White crow.
White peacock
"Whiteman" :D...
White Tiger.
( but i think that the tiger is not really white...)
Cute design of the public phone.
We entered to the theatre to watch the show after that. Didin't snap any photo of the show, so, can't share with you guys about the show.
We backed to our hotel at 10.00pm. Then we proceeded to a massage centre nearby to have our foot massage.
We went back to hotel at around 11.45pm.
Gotta sleep now as need to wake up at 6.00am tomorrow to catch the flight back to Malaysia at 7.15am.
This is the end of the trip.
I really enjoy the trip.
It was really fun to travel together with the love friends and relatives.
So long Phuket.
I'll be missing you.

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