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2009.09.19-23-5D4N Macau,HK,Shenzhen Part 2

19.09.2009 - DAY 2 : MACAU - HONG KONG
Day 2 started
We took a ferry from Macau toward Hong Kong
Inside the ferry
We reached after 1 hour
Hallo Hong Kong, how do you do?
We visited to Golden Bauhinia Square (金紫钗广场)
Victoria Sea
Then we took a boat and traveled to Jumbo & Tai Pai.

Pei Fong Tong (避风塘)
After that we visited to Temple of Money God (财神庙)
and Repulse Bay / Qing Shui Wang (浅水湾)
After lunch, we were brought to Avenue of Star (星光大道), a place where all the famous Hong Kong Movie stars' "palm print" were kept here.
1st, we foudn the palm print of Derek, ops... actually is Leon Lai
and we met Bruce Lee here too! :D
Suddenly a director asked me for casting!
And we took a photo on the palm print of Jiang Ta Wei (姜大卫)
Samuel Hong Kam Po's
and... ...Jackie Chan's and his shop

Last but not least - Andy Lau's palm print

Starbucks at Avenue Star
The weather that day was really hot! Derek couldn't walk anymore and I had to carry him.
After that we went to a place which is almost like our Petaling Street - Ladies Market (女人街)
We didn't shop there but we tried some Hong Kong's famous food like this - "Egg Pai" (鸡蛋仔)
Milk tea
Ying Yong (Coffee mixed with tea)
and the famous fishball noodle (鱼蛋粉)
This was great! The fishball was really good.
Derek bought his 1st toy gun at Ladies Street
While waiting for the rest of the group members to come, we were resting at a park nearby.
and Derek was "enjoying" the facilities there.
Hong Kong kids at the park. They spoke in Cantonese, but not Mandarin.
It's dinner time. The famous Hong Kong Style Grill Goose meat.
After dinner, we took a train to Victoria Peak (太平山) to view the wonderful night view of Hong Kong.
Inside the train.
But before we view the night view, we met a lot of famous people at Madame Tussauds Museum (杜莎蜡像馆). Can you tell the name of these people??

Tips : This is a famous Japanese singer!

See how naughty Derek was!
This singer alredy dead. Sob... sob...
Derek was trying to imitate the style of our "best friend" :)
We miss you so much! Sob...sob...sob....
The King and I. :D
Mr Lee - The richiest man in Hong Kong!
Hong Kong movie - < 无间道>

在那里,在那里见过你... <甜蜜蜜>来咯

Wise man say only love.... .....

Super miss you... sob.. sob.. sob..sob... (this star earn 4 sob! :D)

And here you are, the night view of Hong Kong. But too bad, my camera couldn't capture the nice one! :(

A restaurant at the peak.
After the visit to Victoria Peak, it's time for Zzzz again.
It's another exhausting day!
Anyhow, is looking forward for tomorrow's itenary - Hong Kong Disneyland!

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