Monday, September 28, 2009

2009.09.19-23-5D4N Macau,HK,Shenzheng Part 1

19.09.2009 - Day 1 - MACAU

3.00am - Good morning everybody.
Derek Law, My Nephew at LCCT at 4.30am. This was his first time to take aeroplane, therefore he was so excited. He woke up at 2.00am today!

Macau, here we come!
1st stop - Of course Ruin of St. Paul's (大三巴牌坊)

Ruin of St. Paul's from the back

My two sisters, derek & me - Cheers!

We proceed to Museum of Macau.

See, Derek is "firing" the canon.

View from "Canon Hill" - Hallo Macau, can you hear me calling u??
We had our buffet lunch at one of the restaurant located at Fisherman's wharf (渔人码头). After that, we walked around.

And then we were brought to visit Kun Iam Statue (海观音)
The tour guard told us that this Kun Iam is so skinny and her body jusk look like a coconut tree. What do you think?
The trip continued to Ama Temple (妈阁庙)
Derek & the wishing ball.

Of course we prayed there.

After praying, we visited to Venetian Hotel & Casino (威尼斯人酒店与赌场)

Look at the sky, can you believe that it is actually a fake sky??

The sky look so real and the building there are so "EUROPEAN"!

Gondola - We were at Venice now!

When you come to Macau, the 1st food that you MUST eat is of course, the EGG TART!
See, Derek is trying to "sell" his tart to us! :D
But I think that the tart at Macau is too sweet!
7.00pm-It's dinner time. We had our dinner at one of the local restaurant.

Derek is waiting for his food.

One of the reason why we picked this restaurant for dinner is because it sell "PORK BURGER" (猪扒包)
Sphagetti with pork chop
As we woke up at 2.15am this morning to catch 6.30am flight, we were actually exhasuted. Therefore, we back to hotel to have our rest as soon as finished our dinner.
I couldn't believe that I slept at 7.30pm that night!!
Good night Macau.
Hallo Hong Kong, I am coming to visit you tomorrow!

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