Monday, April 6, 2009

Buffet Dinner @Crown Hotel-22/3/2009

Photo shooting session before entering to the coffee house.
before entering 2

before entering

The "KEY-WOMEN" in organising the dinner for us.
the mummy

These are our gang

The Beautys
the beauties


The handsomes
the handsome

rich is cool

raymond & crystal

Crown Hotel coffee house
the outlook of crown hotel

Photo shooting session before the "battle" start
all of us

And here are parts of the foods
teppanyaki corner
Teppanyaki corner. Can you see the lobster?

sushi corner
Sushi corner

Desserts corner
desert corner

dessert corner

Fruits corner
fruits corner

Ice cream
ice cream

ice cream & crystal


How's the wasabi taste? Look at Raymond's face expression then you can know.
wasabi face

By lookinig at this, can you guess Raymond & I had consumed how many cups of coffee?

the deco
Deco of the hotel

Time to say good bye.

ren bi hua jiao


White Crystal said...

Wow so many photos of me :D

Richy said...

Ya lor, dont you think that the photos all look so familiar? haha