Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My New Hobby

Recently was attracted by a colleague's aquarium which he keeps at office.

And this is his aquarium.Hmm...I feel that I also wanna do so.

So, on the last day of April 2009, I went to the fish shop for "shopping" with him.

1st, I bought this Then, these
And of course, not to forget - the pump And this is the "COMPLETION"
By looking at his tank and mine, what can I say??

Haha... .. . I don't care as mine one is just for fun. And he had spent quiet a number of $$ for that. Mine one is just less then $67.00 for all.

After that, when I looking at my aquarium, suddenly a question came across my mind,"How long will this "New Hobby" last?"

I also cann't answer.

And I also don't know should I say to the fishes,"Welcome to my home!"



Haha, just wait and see. Will update you all later.


谢丽晴 said...

wht name is ur fish? I felt sympathy to it....

Richy said...

haha... yes, you are right, actually i feel pity & sorry to them too. wait for my next post for the status for these fishes :D.