Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"PLAN" For 2009


It's already 2009 !

Hmm.... since the new year has begun, have to start to plan where am I going to visit for this year.

Places that already in my mind included:-

1) Phuket
2) Guiling, China
3) Taiwan
4) Shang Hai, China
5) Hong Kong and Macau
6) Revisit to Halong Bay

1) Mount Kinabalu
2) Club Med, Cherating.

So far the places that I will sure go for year 2009 is ..... ....


Already booked the "FREE" air ticket on 13 November 2008 during "FREE SEAT GIVE AWAY" campaign by Air Asia.

Just need to pay RM172.00 for air ticket (Two ways) BUT will only fly on OCT 2009!! Hmm... sitll have to wait for such a LONG LONG time, right?

Now am looking for the itenary and hotels, those who had been there before, any recommandation? Any food and activities that shouldn't be missed there? Can share with me not? Thanks in advance ya.

Ok. That is Oct 2009 plan. But before that, I am still thinking to have another trip during May 09's school mid term break. Am planing either go to Guiling or Club Med. Anybody interested to join me??
By the way, this year's Hari Raya Puasa is fall on 20 & 21 September 2008 which is Sunday & Monday. Since Sunday is a public holiday so, I will have a replacement holiday on Tuesday (as Monday is a public holiday too), included Saturday, that means I have 4 days holidays, so, is it means that I should plan for another trip? OMG... ...

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