Friday, January 9, 2009

A Pair of School Shoe

Yesterday(8 Jan 2009)I went to a police station at Section 11, Shah Alam to make a police report due to some "workers problem".

There, I saw a security guard from a shopping complex nearby who caught a Indian guy and brought him to the same police station.

The Indian guy was so frighten.

Later, a policeman came to “handle” the Indian guy.

Then, only I knew that the Indian guy was being caught as trying to steal “SOMETHING” from the shopping complex.

Guess what was the thing that he was trying to steal??
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Yes, just a pair of school shoe.

For sure the shoe that he trying to steal is not for his own use.

A pair of school shoe just cost less than RM20.00 and you can even get it at below RM10 at pasar malam,but,he can’t even buy it and he has to steal it… …

I was speechless… ….

How is he going to face his child and wife later??? What is he going to tell his child bout the reason he was being brought to the police station??

Look back to my previous post which I mention that I want to visit bla, bla, bla countries which need to spend quiet a number of $$$ and compare to this Indian guy!

Even RM10 – 20 also he doesn’t has and at last has to did something illegal just because of his child… …

I really speechless… …

He was brought to an officer room after that.

I really feel so pitty of him… … How I wish that I can pay the amount of the school shoe and ask the officer to release him… …


White Crystal said...

The purpose is great but the action is not right because he looses his own value. So at the same times, we feel pity for him, but also criticize him...Why don't he just go and work something to earn that RM20?

Anyhow, they couldn't release him if someone sponsors him RM20 to pay off for the school shoes?

Richy said...

Crystal, yes, you are right.

"The purpose is great but the action is not right!"

I never thought bout this as too sympathy on him on that day. He really should have find others way to get that pair of shoe (eg working) instead of stealing it.

Thanks for your comment that i can put it on my daily quote: