Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr Bryan Ho!

The pictures above were taken while celebrating one of my best friend's birthday on 23/10/2008 at office. He is going to get married on Dec 2008 (gals, don't heart break ya).

Hey guy, since didn't give you any birthday present, so just "promote" you in my blog lor and at the same time help you to announce your wedding to the one who know you.

Happy birthday, bro!


White Crystal said...

You too bad, why you never give him present :D Blog only not enuf lah. My bday also coming, no need to blog ah, hahahaha

Richy said...

Oops.... intentionally remind me that your birthday is at the corner leh! So, how are we going to celebrate on 5/11/2008??? I think bao bao will be fine lor, right? haha