Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yesterday Once More

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Was attending a colleague cum ex-unimate (University mate)wedding dinner on 6/12/2008. I was so happy as most of my ex-housemate cum unimate were attending the dinner too. We drank, talked bout the fun time while we were at university, talked bout our career, shared our traveling experience… the whole night. (The only regret was I forgotten to bring my camera!)

The feeling was really great as it has been such a long long time since we met each others. I even can’t recall when was the last time that we met each others… …

On that night itself only we realized that we actually had graduated for almost 10 years. Goosh! I have been working for almost 10 years!!

Really feel great that has a chance to meet each others there. And finally the wedding dinner became the “reunion party” for us. Really have to thank to the bridegroom for “creating” such an opportunity for us to gather together. And really hope that we will keep in touch… … forever… …

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