Friday, September 5, 2008

31.08.08-Sg Klah

31.08.08 – A Sunday that I didn’t need to work (Finally). Drove my car and brought my nephews, my nieces, my parents and sis to Sungai Klah Hot Spring for a one day trip.

This is the hot spring pool which gets its source of heat from the underground. The water is really hot and my nephews and nieces were so enjoying when swimming there.

After that, we proceed to the big pool that gets its source of cool water from the mountain spring. They swam until didn’t want to get up from the pool.

Egg boiling activity

And surprisingly I found this antique “CD player” there. Everybody was like competing to put in the coins and played the songs that they love.

All the while I was so busy with my works and spend so less time to hang up with my family members. From KL to Sg Klah actually just need about 1 ½ hour but all the while I just can’t fulfill my nephews’ request which ask me to bring them there for swimming for such a long long time. I keep promising and keep failing them… … and finally today, I did it.

From the trip, I was really happy while swimming together with my nephews and nieces. I was happy to play a role of “safe guard” while they were swimming. I was happy to become their “temporary daddy” too (their parents were visiting to Korea at that time). I like the feeling of stay together with the family members. How nice when my nephews and nieces keep calling me “uncle” and “daddy”. The feeling of hugging them, kissing them and talking with them was so good.

I should have spent more time with them. I will really try my best to do so … …

Derek, Yong Zhe, Xing Ying and Xing Tong, I love you all.

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