Wednesday, August 6, 2008

When I Am 35... ...

There was one day while I was having dinner with my elderly friend. She suddenly threw out a question to me, “ How old are you now? Have you ever thought that what do you want to achieve when you are 35 years old?”

I sat quietly for few minutes and stared at her wordlessly.

Yes. I really never thought about this. “35” is just at the corner for me. What do I want to get when I am at that age?


She continued, “Son, try to think about it and write it down. After listing down then you must try to achieve it. Review it when you are 35 years old to see how far is your achievement according to the list. Even you can’t achieve all your targets but at least you try before and you will have no regret.”

Yes. She is right. I really have to think about it now to make sure that my entire life will be more meaningful.

How about you guys? Have you all thought about this question before? Would you like to join me by listing down all your targets with me and we review together when we are 35 years old later?


丽晴 said...


Richy said...

哈!很高兴终于有个人和我一样对35 有了计划!让我们一起努力,共同达成我们的“35 大计”吧!

White Crystal said...

Wah, so old ah, uncle. hehehe